Reverend Jide Oladimeji is the President of Vision 2-2-2 Christian Ministry situated in Nigeria and Ghana. The concept of Vision 2-2-2 was birthed from 2 Timothy 2:2 (“And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also”). Rev. Jide is of the strong belief that “No one is an accident in this world”(one of his favorite quotes) and is therefore fully committed to BUILDING AND MOULDING LIVES.

Reverend Jide is a teacher of the Gospel of Christ with deep insight into how churches can grow and develop in pragmatic and realistic ways.

Early Life & Ministry

Rev. Jide was born in Ishan-Ekiti of the present Ekiti State, Nigeria. He attended  St Barnabas Secondary School, Kabba where he completed his secondary school education in 1973 and enrolled in Yaba College of Technology, Lagos in 1974.

He gave his life to Christ in 1971 and was commissioned as a Minister of the gospel in 1976. By October 1980, he was sent as a missionary to Ghana by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry(DCLM).

As a young minister of the Gospel of Christ, he started teaching and training the people of Ghana with the unadulterated Word of God. By the year 2000, DCLM had reached every local government in Ghana with the exception of two. DCLM Ghana rose from a church of about 150 members(1980) into a congregation of fifty thousand(50,000) members. The secret to the success in Ghana was a combination of in-depth training, teaching and holistic development of  the church leaders and workers.

Family Life

He is married to Rev.(Mrs) Elizabeth Oladimeji, the founder and President of Elizabeth Oladimeji Institute as well as the Vice-President of Vision 2-2-2. She’s a powerful revivalist and a life coach and mentor to many and together, they have three Children: Deborah, Samuel and Faith.

Vision 2-2-2 Christian Ministry

Vision 2-2-2 was born out of the vision of seeing the Church of Christ aglow for His glory. There’s an alarming decline in the standard of education with spread tentacles in today’s church which is gravely affecting the Church(Body) of Christ today. God lamented that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: …” Hosea 4:6  which is a clear picture of today’s world.

Satan and his lies strive better where there is the ignorance of the truth, for that reason Rev. Jide is of the opinion that to win  the battle for revival and the last harvesting before the coming of the Great Shepherd, we must dig out the truth, teach the truth and drink in the truth.

Currently, Vision 2-2-2 Christian Ministry primary focus is on two major programmes;

  • In the Potter’s House
  • Christianity Today
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