Jide Oladimeji

For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.
Psalms 84:11 KJV


After he preached, money was dropped all over the pulpit.
Some people were removing their gold necklaces and wrist watches and were dropping on the pulpit.
Some removed their SIM cards and dropped their expensive phones.

Another man of God came to preach to the same people.
The same people who dropped their car keys ran back home and brought out their juju and surrendered to the altar.
And were crying to God for mercy.
Some brought the guns and masks they use for arm robbery.
While some brought out their phones in front of the church and were destroying their SIM cards which they used to dupe people.
You could hear adults crying like babies.
Begging God for mercy.

What did the first preacher preach that made them ran back home to bring their money and didn’t make them drop their charms?

The difference is in the burden of the preacher.

How can we see the people who are trooping to hell.
Their prayer lives are dead.
And all that we are after is their landed properties and car keys?

To me, nothing is wrong with people coming to give offering when a preacher is preaching.

But Lord, help my life.
I don’t want to join those that are entertaining this generation to perdition.

If people hear me and drop their money without dropping their charms, it means I have failed.

Man of God, this month,
Ask God to give you fresh burden for the lost.
If you can, cry to Him to impact you once again with the passion for souls.

If not, people will look for you and will not see you.
You may be all over social media , television, billboards, radio etc.

Yet people that use to know you will start asking where you are?

The reason so many Pastors have gone to bow to mami water for power to grow their ministry is because God’s anointing has left them.

They started very well.
But along the line, they started making merchandise with the anointing.

God lifted His Hands from them and they became shadows of themselves.

Instead of them to cry back to God for realignment, they went down to Egypt for help, So as to maintain their crowd and their fame.

Today, forget the laughter on their faces.
They are in trouble.
Without fleets of cars and crowd in your church, you are still better than them.

There is an Angel wearing my face to tell you this now.
This month, go back to where you dropped your burden for souls…
Go back to those days when you use to pray and groan in Gods presence before the program for God to give you souls as you go to preach.
Remember the days when you use to celebrate anytime sinners were running out to surrender to Christ..

Go back to those days, sir.
Money will come.
But let’s not lose what money cannot buy while looking for money.
Tell your host to make arrangements before inviting you to preach.
Let them not mount pressure on you to raise funds to cover the hotel bills and recover publicity cost.

This is a generation that packs sinners in crusades and start raising funds from them without leading them to Christ.
A generation that organizes revival meetings where no one receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
No one was reconciled to Christ.
Yet, everyone sowed dangerous financial seeds.

And we don’t care.
God is about to move in the land.
He is about to silence many who are using Him to rob people and to give volumes to voices of men who have been carrying His burden genuinely….
If you are accepting preaching engagements this year, let it be for God to use you to reconcile people back to Him…
If not, you are declaring to heaven that you are no more useful in this on going end time revival and global harvest …
May God not raise another man to do what He anointed us to do for Him…
In Jesus Name I pray.


As students of the Bible, we can see that there are at least 12 kinds of Pastors that are visible in the Church today. *Though not a comprehensive list, but these twelve represent majority of Pastors leading Churches and ministries today. I hope we can individually find *who we are* among these twelve descriptions.

(1 Timothy 6:35; Isaiah 56:10,11; 2:14).
*Description:* They are businessmen and women who see the ministry as *avenue to make money.* They function as the Chief Executive Officers of their Churches. The Church is run with business principles. Their major emphasis is *money, finance, prosperity and how to make it.* They are in absolute control of everything.
*Basic Motive:* Gain and profit. Their programmes are targeted at *how much money is raised.* They are using God’s name, the Church and the Bible to make money and enrich themselves.
*Demerits:* No sense of eternity, disciples and godliness.
*They breed Christians who are greedy of gain, profit-oriented, thieves and crooks. They engage in lying, fantastic promises and spurious prophesies.* They apportion *Church position* to the highest bidder.
*Way Out:* True repentance, freedom from financial lure and restoration of balanced truth to the church. Business Pastors have brought *much bad image* to the Church.

*2. FUNKY PASTOR* (2 Timothy 4:3, 4; Jeremiah 6:13)
*Description:* Worldly, carnal, ungodly Pastors *who watered down the gospel to please people.* They dress anyhow and they allow anything in the Church. They are immoral and sex-maniac who take advantage of people. Their messages are the *Church liberty, ministry on the broadways, easy way to heaven* and making you somebody in life.
*Basic Motives:* Keep the people happy. Don’t offend them by telling them the truth. They exert influence and power over people *in order to get their money.* Youth and young people enjoy these kinds of Pastors.
*Demerits:* No mention of sin, evil, hell or righteousness. *Their focus is miracle, blessing and breakthroughs.* Secular talk shows are allowed. Immorality, extra-marital affairs and pre-marital sex are overlooked all in the belief that God is a loving God. Funky pastors have brought much shame to the Pastoral ministry and their name.
*Way Out:* Genuine repentance and restitution, or else…

*3. VOCATIONAL PASTORS* (Ezekiel 34:2, 3)
*Description:* They are in the ministry, *not as a result of God’s call, but by the call of men.* They see pastoring as a hobby. They love the honour and respect being given to Pastors. *Tribal sentiments, ethnic bias, connection to authority, wealth, status and oratory power* are what was used to make them Pastors. Educational qualifications and greasing of palms also figure here.
*Basic Motive:* To rule over others and to be seen and respected by them. No vision, purpose and commission from the Lord. They therefore lord themselves over the people, *using threats and position to oppress those who are genuinely called.*
*Demerits:* They are not concerned with anyone or the Church once their position is secured. They lead Church backward through *secular management systems.* They don’t train, develop or empower anyone. The Church is always malnourished and spiritually weak under such Pastors. Their ministrations are always devoid of God’s power and their sermons always make people sick. *Vocational or honorary Pastors have caused much havoc for the Church today.*
*Way Out:* Seek the face of God as to His plan for your life, resignation and functioning where God wants you.

*Description:* They are called by the Lord, but *they are not in tune with the moves of God today.* They are holy, godly and righteous but they are trapped in *yesterday’s ways* because they are ultra-conservative. Old tradition, dogma and doctrinal correctness is their forte. They spend only on their *one gift* to lead the Church, they detest learning and change.
*Basic Motive:* To survive and bring back old time religion. They are therefore prejudiced against growth, change and new strategies. They are good in hymnals, bell-ringing and order of service that has become routine and lifeless today. Their relational skills are weak and very low.
*Demerits:* Lack of vision, purpose and direction in the Church. The work is backward; they are confused because changes that have occurred have left them behind. They therefore experience crisis, breakaway, stagnation and backdoor losses.They do everything in the Church because they don’t trust anybody. They are skeptical of people and change. Pastors of yesterday usually don’t know the new moves of God for today; because they are too busy looking at yesterday.
*Way Out:* Change, personal growth, disabused mindset and new focus on the move of God today.

(Jeremiah 10:21; Jeremiah 23:11; Micah 3:11)
*Description:* They were once Servants of the Lord, but are now backslidden. *They no longer have time to preach, pray, nourish people and prepare them for heaven.* All their time is taken up with meetings upon meetings. They have become servants of the people. Bad friends, economic hardship and strange teachings have changed them.
*Basic Motive:* To make it, *either by force or by fire.* They therefore engage in Church politics. They become cunning, crafty, arm-twisting and they can speak from both sides of their mouth. Their strategic closeness to Church authority make them to determine the transfer, promotion, discipline and suspension of other Pastors that are many times better than them. Character assassination is their modus–operandi.
*Demerits:* Their Churches always suffer because they are not always around due to frequent meetings. *They are spiritually dry, unable to get fresh insight from God* and the Church suffers spiritually. They get involved in scandals which they use for their *political manouvering* to cover up. Political Pastors need to return back to the Lord, or else…
*Way Out:* Remember where you have fallen, repent and return back to the Lord. Stop Church politics and concentrate on the primary job of pastoring, leading, nourishing and preparing people for eternity.

*6. OCCULTIC PASTORS* (Revelation 2:20,24: Revelation 3:9)
*Description:* These are the people who have no business being in the ministry, but they are there all the same. *Some are former occult practitioners* who claim to be born-again, while *others are herbalists and magicians* who decide to hood-wink people by modernizing as Pastors. They live double lives. They appear to eat at the Lord’s table but also deal with the devil in secret. They use means and demonic power to perform spurious miracles.
*Basic Motives:* Their motive is gain, power and control over people. They therefore use candles, coconut, incense, salt, sponge, soaps, special baths and native roots as “prayer support.” They engage in fake vision, false prophecy and spurious miracles. They read the sixth and seventh books of Moses. They are usually polygamous and womanizers.
*Demerits:* Using other means to ‘Jazz’ up the work so that crowds can come; people under bondage and oppression; making people, children of hell; immorality thrives; witchcraft and calamities in Churches; people dying and losing their destiny in such Churches. Oppressive air of bondage will be thick. No form of godly spirituality among the people. *Occultic Pastors will always be exposed by their traits and they will lose their ministries sooner or later.*
*Way Out:* True repentance and knowing the Lord afresh, turning away from company of Satan.

*7. SHALLOW PASTORS* (Zephaniah 3:4)
*Description:* These are proud, garrulous, self-centered and self-willed Pastors. They are islands; too busy to attend conferences or seminars or listen to anybody’s tape. They believe that everyone should learn from them but they cannot learn from others. Their anointing has grown to the extent that they don’t need to read the Bible everyday, have time of prayer and fast unto the Lord.
*Basic Motives:* Their motive is to succeed in ministry financially, materially and socially. They therefore spend Church money to buy *expensive shoes, clothing, cars and properties.* They have nothing to really give to people spiritually. *They thrive on stories, noise, demonstrations, pushing people and mimicked styles and prophecies.* Their sermon dwell on their worth, wealth and fame.
*Demerits:* People are fed half truths, lies, motivational talks. They are always on the move, have nothing really to share and give to the people. The people are therefore largely unsaved, carnal, sinful, ungodly and religious. They therefore move away to where the grass is green and the water is still. Shallow Pastors will always lose serious Christians to other Churches.
*Way Out:* Return to the Lord, load yourself and prepare to feed people with balanced diet of the Word.

*Description:* These are ministry-focused Pastors. *They are committed to and consumed by the work of the ministry.* In their order of priorities, ministry is number one and everything else takes secondary position. *These Pastors neglect their families, children and personal lives* in the name of doing ministry. Their children are wayward, bitter, uncatered for, angry and unconverted. Their wives are miserable, frustrated, neglected; feel cheated and lonely.
*Basic Motives:* To fulfill their ministry irrespective of anything or anybody. Their desire is to prove themselves and the readiness to neglect everything for the ministry. *They move from crusade to revivals, from prayer mountains to special seminars.* They are too spiritual to play, pray, enjoy and relax with their wives, children and family, because sinners are perishing. They are always in a hurry.
*Demerits:* They experience divorce, have wayward children, unsettled homes and unfulfilled ministry. Their wives become demonized or engage in extra–marital affairs due to frequent absence and lack of care. *Pastors that give ministry the number one priority above their God, home and personal development will always experience crisis, breakaway and being forsaken by the Lord.* Lack of peace, progress and tranquility, both in the Church and personal lives will always be the outcome of the mistake of putting ministry before God and your family. Ministry Pastors will always experience burn out and frustration in ministry.
*Way Out:* Return back to the Lord. Make your God and family as number one and two, and ministry as number three.

*9. SICK PASTORS* (Revelation 3:14-19)
*Description:* physically okay but *spiritually sick.* Sick because they don’t know the Lord, they are sinful, ungodly, evil, immoral and wicked. Though they sometimes find themselves leading large congregations, yet, they preach the Jesus they have not met. They only use their spiritual activities to cover their spiritual nakedness.
*Basic Motives:* They don’t know why they are in the ministry. They want to be like others. They are copycats. They struggle with sin, evil and low self-image. They take out their anger, sin and frustration on the people.
*They are sick because they lack basic leadership skill.* They are sick because they are not good examples and role model to follow. They are sick because they operate under curse and disobedience.
*Demerits:* Destroyed lives of people under them; carnal, covetous, stinginess, unforgiving spirit, and readiness to curse and destroy people who dare question their ungodly activities. They usually kill Churches and cause stagnation by making the saints to sin and backslide. Sick Pastors will always produce sick Churches that will find growth very difficult and stagnation very easy.
*Way Out:* Repent, seek the Lord, apologize and do a new work.

*Description:* They have experienced back-stabbing, disappointment and calamities in ministry. Their work has dealt them a hard blow. Through some mistakes and ignorance, they have been wounded in ministry. They are therefore bitter, sad, hurting and hateful in the ministry.
*Basic Motive:* Vengeance, retribution and survival. They have been wounded by sin, devil, people, partners, colleagues and members. Some have lost wives, husbands, children, name, properties and health in the course of doing ministry. Some have deep pain due to betrayal by mentors, leaders, associates and spouses. And the wound is fresh and new.
*Demerits:* Bleeding hearts, hurtful feelings, lack of trust, discouragements, frustration and quitting the ministry. They don’t help anybody in the ministry and they are always skeptical of people’s intentions. The unforgiveness in their hearts hinder the flow of God’s spirit in them. As long as you don’t allow the Lord to heal you, your Church will always suffer the hangover of your wounded heart.
*Way Out:* Release the past; handover your hurts unto the Lord and march on in faith. Forgive and forbear.

*Description:* They are Pastors on the move, who are always on the fast lane of life. Moving from city to city, nation to nation, making money at the expense of the souls under them. They spend weeks away from the Church. They travel from place to place in the name of doing ministry while the Church at home is dying and scattering. They monitor by means of audio and video messages of sermons.
*Basic Motive:* Money, pleasure and properties. They use God to better their lot in life. Their living standard is above the income of their Church. They always travel for ministration and business deals. While traveling, they continue to monitor the Church through phone, emails, websites, phone-in-conference. They use these technologies to conduct services on Sunday and at vigils. In some cases, they stay permanently abroad and control the Church from there.
*Demerits:* Their associates are not trusted; they are given responsibilities without authority. The Church goes through turmoil, murmuring and lack of care, nurture and empowering. Such Pastors lose their Churches, their people and they eventually capitulate to the God of mammon, pleasure and fame. They lose their God and their ministry.
*God usually replace them with capable people* who have a heart for things of eternal value.
*Way Out:* Genuine repentance, restoration and rediscovering the basic purpose of ministry.

*Description:* Very few, but these are Pastors after God’s heart. They are called and commissioned by the Lord. They pursue a god-given vision. They display high integrity, character, godliness and a heart for things of eternal value. They are not perfect, but growing everyday. They are balanced, learning, open to change and full of the Holy Spirit.
*Basic Motive:* They desire to make impact for God. They want to see lives, families, nations and cities transformed for the Lord. They have no personal empire to build; rather they want to extend the frontiers of God’s kingdom throughout the whole world. They see ministry as opportunity to serve, help and empower others. They de-emphasize money, gain and pleasure.
*Strengths:* They invest in people; sharpen their leadership skills; maintain good relational skills; work over their weaknesses, build godly character; empower, equip and enable others to rise up to their highest potentials. They are not threatened by the gift of others. They speak the truth with grace and seek to disciple everyone for the Lord. They ensure that the Church is built on the truth, undiluted and balanced Word of God. They Pastor growing Churches where the people are genuine Christians that continually grow in the things of the Lord. They raise leaders and equip them to carry on the work of God.
*Results:* Good, great and growing Churches that will go on to affect things positively for God.

From these descriptions of twelve kinds of pastors, you can see that *only one* can really lead the Church to true and sustainable growth. This is the reason why majority of our Churches are sick, stagnant, crisis–ridden and are dying today because they are being pastored by the wrong kind of pastors.
*Where are you? You can repent and change today to be a growing Pastor in all ramifications so as to lead the Church according to Perfect Will be no of GOD. Ministry is never about any of us, we are too small, it is about JESUS CHRIST ALONE



In the past few days, a couple of pastors I know have gone to glory in their prime. While many may say many things from the spiritual angle only, I resist the temptation of being naive and gullible.
– One died going to drop his members after Sunday service. He probably died due to over-exhaustion of his health.

– Post activities exhaustion led to fatigue and accident that took the life of one of the most handsome young vibrant zealous man of God I know in Ghana.

– A Nigerian female Pastor slumped and died in the United States and her host couldn’t even try to connect the family because they can’t afford the $,5000 morgue fee. They allowed the govt to set her for mass burial if not for a friend in USA that alerted us two days before and effort was made to trace her family in Lagos by my friend – after many inquiries.
CAUSE: Pressure and failed hope.

– Another died in his sleep after Friday night vigil. If he had taken adequate care of his health, maybe he will still be alive by now.

=> The story never ends.

– Another died because none was available to help, even the members he burnt his life for and the so called ministers and spiritual sons and daughters were no where to be found in his hours of needs.

>>Most of these people are Bishops with good standing, viable ministries and graduates from good universities.

We conducted mild medical examinations for some Pastors after one of our meetings few years ago, about 200 pastors participated. I Insisted that no minister above 40yrs of age will leave without being evaluated by the medical team, except those in their twenties and early thirties.
The result was mind bugling,
– over 30% had a elevated bp within 180 systolic 90 diastolic.
– 15 had extreme high bp above ,200/120.
– 28% had diabetics,
– 16% had elevated PSA,
– blood cultures done, showed that:
= over 60% had different levels of bacteremia. = Psychological analysis revealed that
– over 7O% had emotional problems they could not share with anyone.
= Urine analysis and smear tests were not friendly either.
= Eye examinations shows levels of deficiency and stress induced factors.

***Most of these pastors never know they had these problems… That is the sad part of the news.

>They were the walking corpses physically even though spiritually alive
>They are dead emotionally.
>Their vision and passion is dead.
>Their spiritual life has little life at all.
>They are burnt out.
>Many have died vocationally.
>Others are waiting for burial.

Autopsies is not a pleasant topic, I get that, but I would be negligent if I did not share with you about the numbers of pastors who are dead in the ministry.
You need to know.
You need to grasp this reality.
You need to pray for them.
You need to walk alongside with them.

My figurative autopsies uncovered eight common patterns.
Some pastors manifest four or five of them. Many manifest all of them.

1. They said “YES” to too many members.
In order to avoid conflict and criticism, these pastors tried to please most church members. Their path was not sustainable. Their path was unhealthy, leading to death.

2. They said “NO” to their families.
For many of these pastors, their families became an afterthought or no thought at all. Many of their children are now grown and resent the church.
They have pledged never to return. Their spouses felt betrayed, as if they were no longer loved, desired, or wanted. Some of these pastors have lost their families to divorce and separation.

3. They got too busy to remain in the Word and in prayer. Simply stated, they got too busy for God. Read Acts 6:4 again in the context of all of Acts 6:1-7. The early Church leaders saw this danger, and they took a courageous path to avoid the trap.

4. They died a slow death from the steady drip of criticisms.
Pastors are human. Yeah, I know; that’s an obvious statement. We sometimes expect them to take the ongoing criticisms from members as if they were rocks. But a steady drip can destroy even the most solid rocks.

5. They were attacked by the cartel.
Not all churches have cartels, but many do.
A church cartel is an alliance of bullies, bully-followers, carnal Christians, and even non-Christians in the Church. Their goal is power. Their obstacle is the pastor.
Many pastors have died because cartels killed them.

6. They lost their vision and their passion. This cause of death is both a symptom and a cause.
Like high blood pressure is a symptom of other problems, it can also lead to death. Pastors without vision and passion are dying pastors.

7. They sought to please others before God. People-pleasing pastors can fast and easily become dying pastors. The problem is that you can never please all the members all the time. If Pastors try, they die.

8. They had no defenders in the church. Imagine a dying person with no medicare (medical intervention). That person will die. Imagine Pastors without members who will stand by them.
Imagine Pastors where members are too cowardly to stand up to cartels. If you can imagine that, then you can imagine a dying Pastor.
By the way, this form of death is often the most painful. The Pastor is dying without anyone to help or intervene.

9 They died as a result of pressure to be like others.
Travel around the world, have a big cathedral, be announced by God, be popular and live in affluence, competing with one another or others they have no idea about their stories.
They allowed wide mouthed intimidators make them feel they are failures without telling them the true stories behind their presumed success.
They burnt-out and it took a toll and caused their death.
They lost the simple rule of ministry that God gives to everyman that – size and miracles are not indicators of good success before the Master.
The letters to the Churches in Revelation showed it clearly.

10 They died because they gave room to ignorance, ego, and unwillingness to take advantage of opportunities God provided to help and enlighten their life.
They succeeded in Church but failed their health and spiritual health because they over-evaluated their status.

11. Some are killed by their fellow Pastors, who added nothing to them but negativism. Increased their conflicts and inflicted more injury to their wound.
Don’t invite a guest from afar if you have no plans for them. You break their hope and add more frustrations to the existing ones.

You have associates, you live big while they scratch to survive with their families. What you added killed them. Because they felt used, neglected and abandoned.

=> Autopsies are not fun. Talking about dying is not fun.
But if you are a Church member, or a Senior rich selfish ego exhibiting, exaggerating Pastor, you can be a part of the reasons why Pastors are dying because of your unwillingness to be sensitive and to do the right things.

##COPIED. *Pastors have a tough job. They get more kicks than kisses. If a pastor is young, he lacks experience; if he’s grey–haired, he’s too old. If he has five kids, he has too many; if he has none, he’s setting a bad example. If his wife sings in the choir, she’s being forward; if not, she’s not dedicated enough. If he preaches from notes, he’s dry; if his words are impromptu, he’s too shallow. If he spends too much time in his study, he’s neglecting his people; if he makes home visits, he’s not a good time manager. If he’s attentive to the poor, he’s after public approval; if he attends to the wealthy, he’s ingratiating. If he suggests improvements, he’s a dictator; if he doesn’t, he has no vision. If he uses too many illustrations, he neglects the Bible; if he doesn’t use enough stories, he’s unclear. If he speaks against wrong, he’s legalistic; if he doesn’t, he’s a compromiser. If he preaches for an hour, he’s windy; less than that, he has nothing to say. If he preaches the truth, he’s offensive; if he doesn’t, he’s wishy–washy. If he fails to please everybody, he’s hurting the church; if he tries to please everybody, he has no convictions. If he preaches tithing, he’s a money–grabber; if not, he’s failing to develop his people. If he receives a large salary, he’s mercenary; if he doesn’t, it proves he’s not worth much. If he preaches on a regular basis, people get tired of hearing the same person; if he invites guest preachers, he’s shirking his responsibility. Wow! And you thought your pastor had an easy life! How’d you like to change places? Bottom line: love your pastor. The word for today.* *I Salute all true Pastors~More grace to you🙏👋


Isaiah 43: 19Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

This is another special area for God, doing NEW THINGS

It is the nature of God to do things in new ways. God is saying that He will do it now.

He will make a way in the wilderness; wilderness is an uncultivated area and also undeveloped. Yet He will make a way, make impossibility to be possible.

He will bring rivers in the desert; desert is dry and without water or rivers.

All these are telling us that in this month and after, impossibility shall be possible for you in an easy way.

We shall see some cases in the Bible to be able to understand His ways on this area.

  1. How He destroyed the world at the time of Noah – By water
  2. How He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah – By fire
  3. How He brought Joseph to the throne
  4. How He opened the Red Sea – by East wind
  5. How He fed the Israelites in the wilderness – Through manna
  6. How He handled Korah, Dathan and Abiram Numbers 16: 28 – 33
  7. How He opened the River Jordan – the Priests’ legs
  8. How He handled Jericho walls – Joshua 6: 1 – 5 – with a shout
  9. How He helped the judges to rescue the people from their enemies
  10. How He chose Saul and David 1Samuel 9: 15 – 17; 16: 1, 12 – 13
  11. How He won the victory at the time of Jonathan
  12. How He killed Goliath – with a stone
  13. How He handled every battle of David 2Samuel 5: 18 – 25
  14. How Esther became the queen
  15. How He rescued Mordecai
  16. How Jesus was born
  17. How Peter was rescued from prison on the two occasions Acts 5: 17 – 20; 12: 5 – 11
  18. How He rescued Paul and Silas from the prison Acts 16: 23 – 30

You can see that in all these cases and many more, Gpd did not use the same method twice. Whenever He wants to do anything, it is in new way.


  1. God will treat your case in a new way
  2. Do not compare your case with another person’s case.
  3. There is no difficult case for God
  4. There is the need to trust Him
  5. Exercise patience
  6. Release yourself and your case to God
  7. Agree with Him and obey Him in every area.
  8. Just relax in His hands

Whatever you are going through now, go to; the Lord and request for new thing to happen, you will be happy you did.


Days, weeks, months, and years pass but it is what we put in it that remains. July this year has passed forever and ever but for some of us, it did not pass without notice, there are things to show for it.

au·gust adj. 1. Inspiring awe or admiration; majestic’ 2. Venerable for reasons of age or high rank

AUGUST’, a. L. Grand; magnificent; majestic; impressing awe; inspiring reverence.

Now is August.

  • You have to agree with yourself that – ‘this is my time
  • You must become an August personality and receive August blessings


2 Samuel 7:9 And I was with thee whithersoever thou wentest, and have cut off all thine enemies out of thy sight, and have made thee a great name, like unto the name of the great men that are in the earth.

Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Deborah, Rehab the Harlot, Jephthah, David, Peter, Paul, Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

These were men and women who came from obscurity to become AUGUST PERSONALITIES.



  1. An unexpected blessing
  2. An expected blessing that is beyond expectations
  3. Solutions that are supposed to take years becoming days
  4. Solutions to chronic, incurable and perennial problems
  5. A blessing from unexpected source



  1. Joseph – from the prison to the throne
  2. Gideon – a fearful man who became a captain to marshal the army- Judges 6: 11 – 16
  3. David – a humble king given eternal covenant – 2Samuel 7: 1 – 19
  4. The widow woman of Zarephath 1Kings 17: 8 – 16
  5. The widow woman – 2Kings 4: 1 – 7
  6. The Shunammite woman 2Kings 4: 8 – 17
  7. The widow of Nain Luke 7: 11- 15
  8. Peter Luke 5: 1 – 8



  1. Come to Christ Matt. 11: 28 – 30
  2. Remained committed to the Lord in the face of all odds
  3. Grace
  4. Decided to build a house for the Lord
  5. Gave even her last 1Kings 17: 8 – 16
  1. Cried to the man of God and ventured out 2Kings 4: 1 – 7
  1. Built an apartment for the man of God  2Kings 4: 8 – 17
  2. He gave out his canoe without charge for preaching the gospel Luke 5: 1 – 8



The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.
Psalms 18:2 KJV


It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.
Lamentations 3:22‭-‬23 KJV

For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.
Psalms 84:11 KJV

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