Jide Oladimeji

Category: Leadership

*12 TYPES OF PASTORS* As students of the Bible, we can see that there are at least 12 kinds of Pastors that are visible in the Church today. *Though not a comprehensive list, but these twelve represent majority of Pastors…

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Counseling Time With Rev. Jide Oladimeji

Chat with Rev. Jide Oladimeji, President of Vision 2-2-2 Christian Ministry every: Tuesday    12pm – 2pm & 9pm – 11pm (UTC+1)  Thursday  12pm – 2pm & 9pm – 11pm (UTC+1)  Saturday   12pm – 2pm & 9pm – 11pm…

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The call is always out that we are born to serve the Lord but very few people are actually serving Him. Why is it like that? We shall consider some reasons why many people are not serving the Lord. Lack…

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