Joshua 6: 1 – 16, 20 – 21(KJV)

God had given the whole land to the children of Israel but Jericho was right in front and the wall was a terrible barrier. Jericho wall was a very serious hindrance on the way of the children of Israel. To posses the land, Jericho must be captured but to capture Jericho, the wall was impregnable. As at that time, there was no military weapon that could blast or bring the wall down as we have today. There were no jet bombers that could fly over the wall and take possession of the city.

As we see this case, we see ourselves in it because there are some “Jericho walls” in our lives that are hindering and delaying the blessings of God or hindering possessing our inheritance. What are we to do? our Jericho walls must come down and we must possess our inheritance.

THE JERICHO WALLS AROUND US Joshua 6: 1; Exodus 14: 9 – 10

For the children of Israel, the wall could not allow them to lay hands on their inheritance. What can your own be? Can it be …

1.     Sicknesses 2.     Constant failure
3.     Demonic oppression 4.     Habits
5.     Temperamental weaknesses 6.     Some physical hindrances
7.     Curses or idolatry 8.     Sin

God who brought their Jericho wall down will bring yours down today in Jesus’ name.

HOW TO HANDLE THE WALL Joshua 6: 12 – 16, 20; Exodus 14: 13, 14; 2Chronicles 20: 14 – 17

  1. There is the need to receive instructions Joshua 6: 3 – 5
  2. There must be a going round Joshua 6: 3 – 5 (preparation)
  3. There must be a silent period Joshua 6: 3, 4 (Patience)
  4. There is the time to shout Joshua 6: 4, 4 (Participation)
  5. Obedience is the key word.

We must cooperate with the God of battle if He is to fight our battles for us. If we use God’s method, we will have God’s answers

Faith produces obedience – see God, not problems or enemies

CELEBRATING VICTORY Joshua 6: 20, 21; 2Chronicles 20: 27, 28; 1Samuel 17: 51 – 54; 18: 6

We want to see the walls come down. We want to see all the enemies defeated. We want to see that our inheritance is in our hands. As they depended on the God of battle, who brought their Jericho wall down, we too must depend on Him and our Jericho walls will be down in Jesus’ name.

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