Pastor Mrs. Tinuke was on the dining table, she just had a bite from the turkey the husband put in her mouth. James their first Child started laughing and said Pastor and Pastor Mrs. This your love no dey end oooooo,🤣😍 even after the slight disagreement in the car here you are biting each other’s turkey. Pastor Mrs. Said, “Don’t worry, make sure you do more of these to your wife when you have your own home”.

Phone Ringing___ (Grannnnn, Grannnnn)
(It is Mr. Johne’s call). Pastor I just want to inform you that I and my wife are going to the village tomorrow to settle our quarrel. Pastor replied, “alright go in peace but before you get to Benue state I will call you for three assignments on the way. Make sure you do them”. Mr. Johne agreed.

When Mr. Johne drove to Berger along Lagos-Ibadan express way, the pastor called them. Pastor said there are three power houses along the road, one on the left and two on the right. There they call the name of Jesus and commit things into God’s hands, God has never failed his people there. Quickly Mr. Johne said, “yes I know them”. Mr Johne, decided to use the one on the left because their gates were opened to all.

Mr. Johne called the pastor, sir no program or retreat going on, what do we do? Pastor said, “yes, we don’t wait for church’s retreat before we go for personal and family retreat”. Pastor advised them to spend one hour there, to bind and loose and also do some spiritual warfare, pastor added, make sure you hold the hands of your wife, hold it firmly please.

After one hour, Mr. Johne, called the Pastor secretly and said while we were praying, I don’t understand what I saw, but my wife was crying and she refused to talk to me. But it looks like she is becoming gentle.

Pastor said, don’t worry continue your journey when you get to Ikire after Ibadan, buy dodo-ikire(fried plantain), open the nylon yourself and put the first bite in her mouth, then call me to tell me what happens. Mr Johne, said Ahhhh, pastor she will bite me, pastor said try it and call me back. Mr Johne bought dodo-Ikire and careful pointed it to her mouth.

Timidly, Mrs. Johne opened her mouth and chew, she was hoping for the second but she did not want to make the request. Mr. Johne brought it out and with her eyes closed she took it and kept gazing at the beautiful and lovely nature in the forest as they moved on. Somehow, tears flowed from Mrs’ Johne’s eyes and she began to recollect the day she said YES I DO to her man on the altar.

Mr Johne passionately cleaned her eyes and looked into her eyes, he couldn’t hold back his tears. He quickly proved strong and held his tears back.

Mr. Johne called the pastor and informed him of the latest improvement. Pastor said ok, when you get to Edo, stop at the filling station along the road, get into the restaurant there, make sure you serve your wife the meal, pour water on her hands while she washes her hands and eat from the same dish.

Mr. $ Mrs. Johnee did likewise, Mr Johne, quickly called the pastor and said myself and my wife had a long and loving discussion over the meal. We will continue the journey tomorrow.

Oh, Pastor quickly told them to lodge in a hotel, have fun together, walk around the hotel with their hand together, lots of kiss and hugs, and talk about the day they got married and how they exchanged their marital vows.

Mr Johne quickly screamed pastor, kiss ??? that will not work ooo. Pastor said if a kiss will not work try a slap. Mr Johne said, “Slap ke!, I will not do that, Oh I will try the kiss”.

The next morning Mrs. Johne, who insisted on the journey to Benue state, called the pastor to tell him they have turned back and they are in Akure. She added in four-hours’ time we will be in Lagos

Two days latter
Mr and Mrs. Johnee, came to visit the pastor
They were laughing like newly wedded couples.

Pastor said, “I did not want to stop you from going to Benue, but I wanted you to learn that in the midst of crisis we call on God.”
Pastor added this,

—On wedding day, we can call crowd, but in marriage we call on God

—If slap can ruin a home, then kisses can be instrumental in building home

—If beating can degenerate to divorce, then hugs can tie the bond ultimately

—Go for family and personal retreat even when your church did not organize one

—When you pray, make sure you take steps of faith likewise

Pastor said, I know if you do all those assignments you will not get to Benue before you return. They knelt down and they all prayed together. Think about it and learn a lesson that can make marriage work.

You will not fail in marriage in Jesus name.

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